To: WYK 57’ Old Boys
From: Chung Yu and Chok Yu
Date: February 3, 2010
Subject: A Call To Reconnect

Both of us believe the 57’ class was very unique in the history of the Waterloo Road WYK. In our case, we opted to transfer from the Robinson Road WYHK PM School to the brand new WYK on Waterloo Road in 52 simply because of its impressive buildings and beautiful grounds. Since the PM school closed shortly after, there were quite a few others who also transferred. So, the 57’ class at graduation was made up of both former WYHK PM and Nelson Street WYK students. We remember Ho Nim Cho mentioned that he and our dear friend Philip Lo Oi Lun came from the Nelson Street WYK.

In the intervening years between 52 and 57, this class participated and witnessed many memorable, novel and creative events, such as the staging of the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, and the Cantonese Operas in English, which owed their success to our beloved Mr. Wong Chin Wah. In addition, there were intermural debates between WYK students and their counterparts in neighboring girl schools, such as Maryknoll and Sacred Heart, and others. Thus, the diversity of our class and the cherished novel traditions were unmatched by any other HK schools at the time, not to mention also the eye-catching green blazers that were the talk of the town. These were some of the fondest memories of our life in Hong Kong. We therefore thought after some 50 years, how wonderful it would be for more of us to share our unique experiences of the past and present, if we can find one another again.

WYKAAO is the best platform for us to reconnect. All 57’ old boys, wherever you are, if you can read this message, please try to reconnect (click here or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).